Someone Always Cares

Two Companies.  One Goal

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A Youth Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Programming Agency

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Therpeutic Recreation services for people with mental health diagnosis, disabilities, and more

Our Founder

MelvilYn K. Hamilton, CTRS

Greetings Community,

I am Melvilyn Hamilton a wife and mother who is a perpetual work in progress, a woman of faith, values and integrity.  A Certified Recreational Therapist, specializing in mental health and juvenile delinquency service provision, graduate of Southern University A & M College, President of Someone Always Cares Foundation and CEO of Someone Always Cares ReCreation, LLC.

I was raised by a hard-working mother who sacrifices herself daily for her legacy and set the framework for the entrepreneurship desires that drive me and grandmothers who instilled in me the importance of love and compassion towards others.  I purpose to embody and honor these women daily as I pursue purpose, acknowledging that their sacrifice, plight, resilience, and passion gave birth to my presence.  Professionally known as Mel, I’ve had the pleasure of serving others for 20 years as a Therapist, Administrator, Consultant, and Liaison in public and private healthcare settings, juvenile justice and non-profit organizations in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Throughout my career I’ve been inspired by many, but impacted by a few individuals who allowed opportunity, spoke life over me, shared of their wisdom and insight, and who without hesitation would correct me.

I am passionate about my work with youth, particularly those who are justice system exposed in the state of Louisiana.  I firmly believe our youth are some of the most gifted and creative people who by force are highly resilient and immensely hopeful.  They Thrive in communities that lack adequate, relatable, and tangible resources; Strive in inequitable, scarcely diverse and segregated education systems; and Survive in a world where leaders in powerful positions politicize and police versus serve and make room.  I am purposed to empower youth to become self-actualized individuals who can collectively be impactful catalyst for improvement in their homes, schools and community.

I look forward to serving my community for decades to come, am blessed to be a blessing and thankful to have the opportunity to live out my purpose. 

Someone Who Always Cares,