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Interrupting Delinquency One Youth at a Time

Enhancing Perceptions


Our mission is to interrupt the generational disposition of delinquency in youth that results in adult justice system experiences within the lives of each family we serve.

We are purposed to target youth who have been system exposed due to personal and parental experiences with trauma, crime, incarceration, abuse and lack of needed resources. 

Black business mentor feeling satisfied with reports of her assistant who works at company office.
Father and Son Building Birdhouse in Workshop


Our vision is that youth in our community will have an enhanced perception of themselves, their opportunities and the world around them which will result in improved decision making and actions. 

Youth will be exposed to an innovative skill learning environment in which they will set goals for their lives, develop self-discipline, take responsibility for their actions and interact in fun and positive ways with authority figures, peers and the community

mission Goals

Bridging the gap between the community and police
Youth centered equity and inclusion policy and procedural processes
A state with more youth diverted away from the justice system versus detained except for those who are a significant threat to public safety

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