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Kenya London

Kenya London, serves as our Case Manager and Programming Assistant through Embracing with Value Foundation, 501(c)3 organization founded in 2019.

As the founder and Executive Director, and an author, she has a futuristic approach and mission to providing a great essence of reassurance through mentoring and educational support services. For nineteen years, she served thousands in the medical field.

EWF’s vision is to build extraordinary communities by bridging gaps of lack of service and resource awareness, encourage people to work towards their overall well-being and pursue their purpose in life.

Kenya believes that Every Voice matters, but not every voice is heard. She encourages youth and parents toward salience in a profound environment helping them to come together as one voice and expand their divine potential.

Kenya London
Henry Harris, Jr.

Henry Harris, Jr.

Henry Harris, Jr. is a husband and father who serves as our Case Manager and Pro-Social Skills Specialist for Someone Always Cares Recreation. He has worked in the educational system for 6 years along with other youth recreational programs like the ERC for 11 years.

He has a passion for impacting the youth and reaching them in ways that allow them to see their worth and make necessary adjustments to display their worth. He strongly believes that if we, as community leaders, don’t surround the children and fill the empty cups with positivity, someone will fill them with negativity. He also believes that we are only as strong as the people we impart our knowledge and information to.

As long as he’s allowed, he plans to reach out to the youth of this generation and work to mold them into the game changers they were created to be.

Billy G. Washington

Billy G. Washington Jr. has taught high school English/African American literature in the Louisiana school system for seven years. He enjoys every minute in the classroom and is a strong proponent of literacy.
He is an active member of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Louisiana Reading Association, Kappa Delta Pi, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity where he serves as chaplain. He also serves as a mentor and minister in the Baton Rouge community. 

mission Goals

Bridging the gap between the community and police
Youth centered equity and inclusion policy and procedural processes
A state with more youth diverted away from the justice system versus detained except for those who are a significant threat to public safety