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A Youth Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Programming Agency


History of SACF

Someone Always Cares Foundation a Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Programming Agency, established in 2022 as a 501(c)3 organization, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Our mission is to interrupt the generational disposition of delinquency that results in adult justice system experiences within the lives of each family we serve.  Our vision is that youth in our community will have an enhanced perception of themselves, their opportunities, and the world available to them.  Our access to families is granted by direct service provision to youth who are at higher risk of exposure to the justice system or have pending adjudication matters before the juvenile court.  The organization has three pillars of service: The Evening Reporting Center, Delinquency Prevention Counseling and Re-Entry Services based on the fundamental principles of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation which began more than 25 years ago. 

The Foundation, a vision of our Founder and Executive Director, Melvilyn Hamilton was birthed through her experience working with local city parish and nonprofit agencies serving high risk youth.  She developed the first community based Alternative to Detention in East Baton Rouge Parish, The Evening Reporting Center formerly operated under Kingdom of Heaven Ministries in 2019.  As of November 1, 2022, the ERC transitioned to operation by SACF and is in the preparation stages of expansion to other parishes. 

We are purposed not to operate as a silo, we partner with multiple organizations and agencies in pursuit of impactful service to our youth.  We have secured successful working relationships with the Office of Juvenile Justice, East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Court, Bridges to Serenity, LLC, Victory Unlimited LLC, Pursue New Life LLC, 2911 Mentoring Families and Embracing with Value Foundation.  We have worked with several businesses and community programs to provide exposure and experiences to our youth as we strive to connect them with relatable and tangible resources.

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

Insights Report

In the button below is a report which draws on eight years of JDAI data.  It tells how participating sites have achieved significant and — in many cases — long-lasting reductions in rates of juvenile incarceration and juvenile crime.

Key takeaway

Today, participating sites across America have reported significant drops in their total juvenile detention population. These reductions average about 35% in our region alone.

mission Goals

Bridging the gap between the community and police
Youth centered equity and inclusion policy and procedural processes
A state with more youth diverted away from the justice system versus detained except for those who are a significant threat to public safety