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Evening Reporting Center

An Alternative To Detention

We are focused on teaching youth to actively choose alternatives to criminal activity which is inspired by our mission and founding principles which are rooted in services to youth.  We believe the focus on improving the overall outcomes for this generation of young people is vital to the viability of the communities we serve.  We focus on services that improve life quality for the family as a unit, realizing children are an influential and vital part of that unit.

The collaborative efforts of SACF and our partner’s curriculums combined with exposure to local resources, connections with community leaders and professionals will expose youth to positive alternatives resulting in a renewed mindset, goal focused self-view and accompanying positive actions.

The Evening Reporting Center serves the community as an Alternative to Detention and Pre-Trial Diversion Program providing supervision/monitoring in combination with core services focused on delinquency prevention and education services to male and female youth.  Our target population is youth ages 13-17 in pre and post adjudication status for misdemeanor and nonviolent felony charges.

We receive referrals from the East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Court and other Law Enforcement agencies.  We provide services that protect the community from delinquency by equipping juveniles with the required competencies to lead productive lives.

Our core group is comprised of individuals who currently operate programs and provide services to high risk and at-risk youth with behavioral, mental health and delinquency issues.

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My experience with the ERC has proved invaluable for the kids that we serve! In some of these instances it is quite easy to see that all some of these kids need is accountability. They are seeking for someone to care about where they are and what they are doing. They want someone to want to see them succeed and be successful at something. The ERC is all of that and more! When a kid and a parent asks to extend a court ordered program because they know it is helping their family in more ways then they can articulate, that is when you know your program has achieved its ultimate purpose!
Brittany B. Jorden Senior Felony Assistant, Juvenile Section East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office
Brittany B. Jorden
Senior Felony Assistant, Juvenile Section
East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office

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