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Delinquency Prevention Counseling

The Necessary Tools

Our approach to servicing youth in a collaborative manner focuses on ensuring that our youth are equipped with the necessary tools to make positive and results-driven decisions as opposed to engaging self-destructive behaviors.  Youth and their parents are guided through an intervention-based curriculum that focuses on the concept of being 1 person who becomes aware of their ability to affect change in their home, social circle, school, community, city state and nation just by making positive decisions for themselves.

This component of services is designed to be a resource-driven intervention; therefore, families are referred to appropriate entities during and post service provision.

Delinquency Prevention Counseling (DPC) Services are provided to youth enrolled in our Evening Reporting Center primarily as a required component of participation.

In addition, youth and families can be referred from schools, community programs, parents, local church organizations, etc. Session frequency and intensity is scheduled based on identified needs and written in their individualized case plan.

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